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perfect permanent makeup brows and lips
Its easier than you think!



Its easy as 1 | 2 | 3

1: Get the most complete (PMU) Permanent Makeup education with us

2: Hands-on Practice on live models to perfect & master your skills

3: Pass your VA Board exam with our Expert exam prep and get Licensed

Bonus: We show you how to build and market your portfolio to attract clients 

How to Become a successful (PMU) Permanent Makeup Artist: Step-by-Step Guide

"With a strong foundation success is inevitable"

The global economy had a profound impact on the job market, leaving millions of individuals seeking new sources of income. One industry that experienced a significant influx of newcomers was Permanent Makeup, which presents an incredible opportunity for individuals looking to reinvent themselves and embark on a life-changing career.

While microblading is just one technique within the broader realm of permanent cosmetics, this industry offers a wide range of services to enhance various features such as lips, eyes, brows, scalp micropigmentation, beauty marks, and even freckles!


The possibilities within Permanent Makeup are limitless, and this industry is constantly evolving. It's important to note that the beauty industry is highly lucrative, making a career in permanent makeup an exciting prospect for those considering a career switch. However, before making this significant change, there are several crucial factors to consider.

Proper Training & Education is the Key to success

 This should be your initial step before diving into anything else. Start by determining your specific goals and aspirations within the industry. Many people begin their journey by learning microblading. So who has the best microblading training school?

Microblading is a form of cosmetic tattooing or permanent makeup treatment that creates the illusion of natural hair strokes, resulting in beautifully defined eyebrows. 

Laws and specifics 

Firstly, familiarize yourself with the requirements for practicing permanent makeup in your state. Knowing the specific licensing requirements beforehand will prevent confusion and potential complications later on. Some states may only require a tattoo license, which is relatively easy to obtain, while others may mandate additional training in techniques such as lip and liner, making the process more time-consuming.

Should I pursue a career as a PMU artist?

If you are into art and beauty the answer is a big YES. Even though permanent makeup has been present for a long time, since ancient Egypt. It’s becoming highly popular more and more . 

Both women and men want to spend less time applying makeup, and want to make sure they can roll out of bed and have their best look. They want to spend their time on other things besides:

  •       Constantly buying makeup

  •       Carrying makeup everywhere

  •       Applying makeup multiple times throughout the day

with PMU Achieve a natural, makeup-free look with permanent makeup that is life-proof, water, and sweat-proof.

How much does training courses cost?

The price of a training course depends on its length, location, the reputation of the school, the knowledge of the instructors, the demand in your area. In DMV prices can range from $5,500 to $10,000 for live licensure trainings. 

However we have priced our program to offer the most value, please contact us at 571-565-1467 for current price

After doing research we decided to price our program at the most perfect price and offer the most value possible. Keep in mind like in anything cheaper is not always better, there are always cheaper options but does the instructor or school actually do it as a business?... or have a work portfolio?... The schools that offer slightly cheaper options dont even have clients... 

Also consider the kit they provide, some dont include it due to pricing or the kit is useless on real clients... 

The Best Program for your money & Time 

 This step can be overwhelming due to the abundance of available options. To avoid scams and ensure a quality education, take your time to thoroughly research each training provider. Look for trainers with relevant certifications and a comprehensive portfolio. A reputable training program should offer model demonstrations, ample practice opportunities, and ongoing support to facilitate effective learning.

After completing your training, it's time to put your skills into practice. While preparing to obtain proper licensure, continue refining your technique by practicing on latex skin

How To Start Your Own Permanent Makeup Artist Business?

Once you are ready to enter the industry, you must decide whether to establish your own business or work for an established studio. Joining an established studio can provide certain advantages, as they often handle marketing and client acquisition. However, if you choose to venture into entrepreneurship, be prepared for higher expenses. Carefully select a suitable location and create a welcoming environment for your clients. A clean and organized workspace, along with quality products and equipment, is essential. Additionally, don't forget to obtain insurance coverage for yourself and your business.

Marketing plays a crucial role,

especially when starting out and trying to attract clients. Investing in marketing efforts will help establish a strong online presence and enhance your visibility. Define your brand and create social media profiles on platforms of your choice. A robust social media presence will lend credibility and raise awareness about your brand and

We go over effective ways to do this in our course


Like in any business or endeavor you want to team up with the very best... and leverage their experience to launch your career full blast. We did all the heavy lifting and big time and money investments to perfect this PMU craft and business.

Dont waste your precious time and money learning from instructors, schools that dont care about your success.


Unfortunately the cheaper option schools have poor skills with little to no real clients, that is not an ideal candidate that can teach you how to do permanent makeup as a real, thriving business.


Fortunately for you we are ready to transfer all our knowledge, tricks, secrets to our student  when they take our course 

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Taking the first step is the most vital one for success!

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