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We proudly offer the best Permanent Makeup Training in the world!

Our Licensed Instructors have crafted the ultimate Permanent Makeup program for your success!

PMU growth & Income potential

Already an esthetician, cosmetologist, nail tech, wax, lash tech or any other beauty professional?

  • Exciting news! By incorporating permanent makeup into your services portfolio, you have the amazing opportunity to enhance, boost your income.

  • Just imagine, the clients who already have faith in your expertise will eagerly choose you for their permanent makeup needs.


  • And with our exceptional training, rest assured that your work will be absolutely flawless, leaving your clients beyond satisfied. This invaluable addition to your repertoire promises both financial growth and the continuation of your reputation as a trusted professional.

Does that mean if I am not from the beauty field i can't be successful in the PMU industry?

  • Absolutely not! We understand that everyone starts somewhere, and our program is specifically designed to cater to complete beginners like you.


  • Our comprehensive curriculum combines top-notch theoretical knowledge with extensive hands-on practice on real models. This unique approach ensures that you gain the essential skills and experience needed to excel in the field.


  • By the time you complete our program, you will be equipped with the confidence and expertise to work like a seasoned professional.


  • No matter your starting point, our program will empower you to embark on a successful journey in the world of permanent makeup.

Is semi permanent makeup a good career?

  • Cosmetic Permanent makeup tattooing is one of the fastest growing and most profitable areas within the beauty industry

  • Whether you aspire to be self-employed or join an established clinic, this profession offers the flexibility of working hours that suit your lifestyle.

  • Embrace the freedom and potential that comes with a career in permanent makeup, where you can truly shape your professional path according to your aspirations and desires.

What is the growth and business of Permanent Makeup in the Beauty industry ?​

  • In 2020, the U.S permanent makeup market was estimated to be worth around $1.2 billion dollars


  •  The permanent makeup industry is expected to reach a market worth of over $4.1 billion by the year 2028

  • Consumers are becoming more smart about what they invest into that will make their life easier. They are more likely to invest in Permanent makeup, microblading, Lip Blushing​


  • The PMU industry is still virgin, look around you not everyone has Permanent Makeup. Its not even mainstream yet and has so much potential for growth. Our prediction is that Permanent Makeup Education and services will continue to grow exponentially 

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