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Why Choose Us
At DMV Beauty & Academy, we do not treat you as one more number, every student is part of our family.
Become a True Professional with us

Mission Statement


  • We are committed to providing the highest quality of learning and professional training in permanent makeup and beauty industry to help you begin or improve your career.


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Your Success is Our Mission, We Offer:

  • Marketing tips and advice on how to build your business.


  • In-depth coverage of many techniques and procedures.


  • Lifetime support and training.

  • Hands-on practice on live models.


  • Personal attention to every student.


  • Professional kit that our own Instructor uses on clients

  • Certification immediately upon completion of the class


  • Quite often we are contacted by business owners for employees’ referrals and we are happy to be able to assist our students with work placement when we can​​

We encourage our students to choose their training carefully

Keep in mind!

Inexperienced Trainers
Due to the lack of experience, trainings are offered by technicians that don’t have the fundamental knowledge of permanent makeup or an appropriate amount of experience working with clients.

This is not fair to the students, because they would not be getting an expert trainer that will teach them everything they need to be successful

Keep in mind!

Only one technique is not enough
There are many courses promoting only one or two techniques.

Microblading and manual techniques are a part of the art of permanent makeup. Many clients are not necessarily good candidates for Microblading. Therefore, as a professional, you should be able to offer different PMU solutions and not turn down potential clients due to lack of knowledge. 

Keep in mind!

Trainers that only teach one or two techniques

When doing your research, always ask your trainer how much experience she/he has on working certain procedures on clients prior to starting to train others.

Unfortunately, the industry is poorly regulated, and students can be misled easily. It is a good indication of professional training when an academy has been offering a wide range of techniques and procedures for a long period of time.

DMV Beauty & Academy was founded by highly experienced professionals, we offer courses in all techniques and have an amazing portfolio to back up our education. 

Keep in mind!
Many programs are limited to only online support

 You do need to be able to have personal contact with your trainers when you need it. Fortunately we are here for you for any question or support you may need. All our students have access to a private support group.

Keep in mind!

Overcrowded classes
We receive many complaints from students that have attended overcrowded classes in the past and that during their hands-on practice they did not receive sufficient one-on-one supervision.

Keep in mind!

Many training academies choose poor quality equipment

Typically they just dont even know what is good since they dont do permanent makeup as a successful business. Good training should introduce students to the best performing pigments, tools, supplies. Don’t limit your knowledge because your academy does not have understanding of the best supplies & practices.

How To Choose The Best Training Course?

Permanent Makeup is a very rewarding career. This artistry allows you to significantly enhance facial features of your clients, specifically brows, eyeliners, and lips.

You don’t want to compromise the start of your new career with poor training. You deserve to receive only the best possible training for your hard earned money.

But with so much out there, it can be overwhelming for beginners.
When starting your research some basic questions need to be addressed :

How many years of experience or how many procedures has your instructor performed prior to training others?

this can include in a specific technique being trained

  • If the instructor does not have adequate experience or is hesitant to reveal his or her working experience prior to becoming a trainer, be aware that you risking your money and time investment


  • Check out their work Portfolio on their website or instagram. Actual work says everything....It takes time and practice to learn how to micropigment different types of skin and to experience issues that may occur based on each individual clients’ physiques and needs. ​How can they teach you to be a successful PMU Artist, business owner if they dont even have clients.

How many days is the training ?

  • If you are a beginner you should be considering a course that last at least for 5 to 7 days with comprehensive education. You need time to practice and ask questions and actually learn.

What is the class size ?

  • A smaller class would allow more of one-on-one instructor’s attention and supervision. 

What is the support after class ?

  • We offer Lifetime Support on all our programs

Will you get to practice hands-on with live models ?

  • Students should be able to have hands-on practice on live models during their training. hands-on practice of applying the right pressure on live model’s skin with correct stretching is critical . Live supervision by instructor during practice with the feedback to make adjustment and address concerns is the most effective training possible

How is the work of the students and do they market themselves...

  • The work of our students is exceptional after they complete our course. We take great pride in teaching them everything we know, to set them up for success. We constantly post work of our students on our instagram and even teach our students how to build a portfolio, take pictures and market themselves for max exposure. We are 100% interested in our students being successful PMU artist's

What is student life like in your academy?

  • We empower our students to be the best in the permanent makeup industry because we are the best at what we do. We give all the essentials in knowledge and tool, supplies so they can excel.

  • As a courtesy to our students we have a lounge area where we have: Nespresso Coffee, snacks, soda, water. We really care about our students and try to make the whole program convenient and value packed.

Do the graduate students actually do permanent makeup as a business when they get licensed?


  • this is a very big point for you to consider.... does the school produce successful and confident professionals in the PMU field. Can the school provide proof of actual successful students?

  • All or most of our students after they are done with our program go and get licensed and immediately start working , all the knowledge that we transfer to them gives them all the tools & confidence to actually perform

  • We always post on our instagram, student work and are happy to show successful students to anyone that wants to see real students in action

  • Unfortunately a good amount of schools dont know what they are doing in the sense of teaching from A to Z how to be a successful PMU artist. Most students just go for the hours and once done they are lost.... some dont even pursue the PMU profession because they are frustrated before they even start making real money... consider quality in education... its your time & Money ... so only settle for the best!

DMV Beauty & Academy
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