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Why you need to learn diffrent techniques as a PMU artist

Hello, lovely people!

As a permanent makeup artist, mastering more than one technique is crucial for your success. If you only know one technique, you can only offer one type of service.

However, learning multiple techniques provides more options for your clients. Not everyone will want microblading or ombre brows—some clients may be interested in Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP), and you can offer it if you know how to do it.

Remember, in Virginia, you need to be licensed to perform any cosmetic tattooing.

Read below for more details on how to get your PMU-Permanent Makeup license in Virginia.

What are the requirements to get my PMU-Permanent Makeup license in Virginia?

Enroll in our 200-hour PMU Licensure Bootcamp training to obtain your VA (PCT) Permanent Cosmetic Tattooer License.

This hands-on program covers a wide range of the hottest and most popular techniques, ensuring you have the skills to meet all your clients' needs.




  • ​Powder Brows

  • Ombre Brows

  • Combo Brows

  • Microblading

  • Bonus: NANO brows 

AKA Cashmere Brows which are Machine Hair Strokes


  • My Secret Brow Mapping technique for perfect symmetry



Eye lash Enhancement | Eyeliner tattoo



  • Lip Blushing

  • Lip mapping techniques


Scalp micropigmentation (SMP)

  • Bonus, Included in this course

Got any more questions?  Please text us here or at 571-565-1467 for more information & to schedule and appointment to see us​

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