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Everything you need to know about Facials Before & Aftercare​​

Beforecare - Facial

Before a facial


• It would be ideal if you can remove your makeup before arriving, especially if you wear it quite heavy. Or at least wear a light make-up application.


Our beauty therapist can remove your makeup, but this will take 5 minutes off your facial time.

• Let your beauty therapist know if you’d like to leave your mascara on. Some clients prefer this, as they feel naked without any mascara on, especially if they have some errands to run after.

Aftercare - Facial

After care for Facials


• Drink water.
• Keep make-up to a minimum for 12 hours, and use makeup which is mineral and / or vitamin enriched.
• Do not use any perfumed products or expose yourself to direct sunlight / saunas / sunbeds for 48 hours.
• Do not undertake further skincare treatments for 48 hours or use any exfoliating products for 72 hours.
• Avoid alcohol or smoking to keep your complexion clear and healthy.

To Maintaining your Results
• Increase your water intake to 8 glasses a day.
• Decrease alcohol and smoking to keep skin healthy.
• Use products as advised by your beauty therapist – these should be specific for your skin type, concerns and budget.
• Use a sunscreen daily.
• For long-term results and as a preventative measure, book in for a facial once every 4 weeks (the ideal scenario) or once every 3 months (the least).

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