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Get the perfect lips you've always wanted!
"Enhance your natural beauty with our customized lip blushing! Our expert team creates natural-looking enhancements tailored to your unique features. Book your appointment now and fall in love with your lips!"

We have two locations for your convenience:

  • Old Town Alexandria, VA

  • Arlington VA ( Free Unlimited Parking ) 

Lip Blushing
Lip Blushing

Lip Blush is known by many names, Watercolor, Kissable, or Aquarelle Lips are just to name a few. It is cosmetic permanent makeup used to enhance the natural color of your lips. Lip Blush treatments can range from very natural to a more intense matte lipstick healed result. Results can last anywhere from 2-5 years depending on pigments used, lifestyle, skincare, and upkeep.

Lip neutralization/Color Correction

Dark Lip Neutralization is a treatment that is utilized for clients who’s natural base undertone of their lips is cool/dark. Simply adding the desired color on top of those tones would have undesirable results. The cool undertone must first be "neutralized" prior to enhancing the color to the desired result.

We are very proud to specialize in working with melanin rich lips.

Lip neutralization/Color Correction
Concrete Texture


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