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Eyelash Extensions
Enhance your natural beauty and achieve the perfect lashes you've always wanted with our expert eyelash extension services. 
With eyelash extensions, you can skip the daily makeup routine and still look stunning. They can save you time in the morning, leaving you more time to focus on other things.

We have two locations for your convenience:

  • Old Town Alexandria, VA

  • Arlington VA ( Free Unlimited Parking )  

Eyelash Extensions


  • Wake up ready to go with beautiful eyelashes and simplify your morning routine

  • Say Bye to your clunky lash curler, messy mascara or temporary fake lashes

  • Look gorgeous and feel confident 24/7

  • Lash extensions are very customizable :  Natural look, enhanced look, or glamorous look, it's totally up to you

" At our beauty clinic, you can find the best eyelash extensions near me. Our clients travel from various locations across the DMV : Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia, to experience our exceptional service. Come visit us to receive the best eyelash extensions possible.

Our goal is to provide the most natural looking customized eyelash extensions "

Styles include, but are not limited to :

  • Classic Full Set Lash Extensions

  • Hybrid Full Set Lash Extensions

  • Volume Full Set Lash Extensions 

Eyelash Extension refills :

  • 2 week fill

  • 3 week fill 

Our lashes enhance the length, curl, thickness and fullness of your natural lashes. 

Relax and feel confident in the quality of our lash techs. Our lash technicians are not only highly trained but also internationally certified, ensuring that you receive exceptional care and expertise. Trust us to provide you with the best possible results for your lashes. We are the best Lash Studio in the DMV

If you're unsatisfied with the eyelash extensions you received elsewhere, don't worry. We offer an eyelash extension removal service and can assist you in finding a new set that you'll adore. Let us help you achieve the perfect lashes that you desire.

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Never have to worry about smeared mascara again!
Book now for flawless results!
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