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Payment plans & Financing options
Whether it's for beauty services or education we have the best options for you
Affordable | Convenient | Customized
Pursue your dreams and let us take care of the rest!
Best Financing Options
  • We work with several financing institutions for your convenience 


  • Discover why our payment plans are an ideal choice for your permanent makeup education, providing a seamless enrollment process and affordable payment plans tailored to your needs.

  • enjoy a hassle-free and user-friendly enrollment process. 

  • Affordable Payment Plans:
    Financial constraints shouldn't hold you back from pursuing your dreams. Our flexible payment options make your permanent makeup education affordable and manageable.

  • Break down your tuition fees into affordable installments. This allows you to invest in your education while maintaining financial stability.

  • Empowering Success:
    Investing in your education sets the foundation for a successful career in permanent makeup. Our Payment plans empowers your journey by providing the financial support you need. With our flexible payment options, you can focus on acquiring the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in this high-demand field, opening doors to professional growth and success.

  • Achieve your dreams of studying & getting your license in any beauty career of your choice with affordable payment options

  • Contact us for details on the best option for you!

Payment Plans

  • Custom tailed to your program

  • convenient

  • hassle free 

  • Flexible payments

  • Contact us for details on the best option for you!


Contact us for more details 

Feel free to text or call us anytime at the number below. You can also use the chat box below

text anytime : 571-565-1467

DMV Beauty & Academy
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Financial options so you can focus on studying and getting licensed:

Affordable, flexible so you can focus on studying!

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