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Get the perfect brows & lashes you've always wanted!
Voted Very Best Lashes & Brows Salon

Perfect | Beautiful | Natural-looking | Healthy Brows & Lashes 

  • Save time in the morning: With Brow Lamination, you don't have to spend time drawing and filling in your brows every morning.

  • wake up with perfect-looking brows & Lashes every day

  • Perfectly shaped brows: Customized to your features

  • Longer looking lashes to make your eyes look gorgeous with Lash lift 

  • Curls and lifts to give the appearance of longer, darker lashes

  • Long-lasting results: Typically Last 4-6 Weeks


  • Can be tinted 

  • Low maintenance

 We use only the best and safest products from Italy to keep your brows and lashes healthy 

We will work with you to Customize the perfect Brow or Lashesolution to enhance your beauty & confidence


Lash Lift | Lash Perm 

A lash lift is an all-natural, semi-permanent procedure that gives you the appearance of fuller, thicker and darker lashes without the use of any leave-on chemicals or extensions. The natural lashes are boosted from the root, giving them a lifted, lengthened appearance. It's best when combined with tint!

We offer the very best lash lift services with the most safest and premium products!

Brow Lamination

We are the best experts in Brow lamination. Brow Lamination involves straightening and lifting the brows using a chemical solution, which allows them to have more flexibility to move them into your desired shape, therefore covering any gaps or stray areas. Your brows will appear fuller stronger and more flattering after the procedure. It's always best to combine it with tint that will be customized to your natural brow color and preference.

Brow Mapping is performed on your brows whether it’s a simple lamination or permanent makeup is done

  • For the most precise and desired shape that fits your needs and features 

perfect brow lamination
perfect brow lamination
Best Brow Lamination
Concrete Texture


Most precise with no pain, unlike painful brow threading
  • Will my Eyebrows look fake?
    NO! Microblading and Ombré Brows are done using a cosmetic tattooing process and our eyebrow pigmentation unique artistry resulting in soft, natural looking eyebrows. When we implant pigment in the skin, it appears more natural looking than even topically applied cosmetics.
  • How do you choose which brow technique is best?
    We will evaluate your skin type, your brows and what look you are wanting to determine if microblading, ombré brows, or a combo brow is best for you!
  • How do you choose the shape?
    We choose a shape and style together. At the beginning of the procedure, one of our artists will draw in a suggested shape for your new brows then you will work together to perfect it according to your preference. Measurements are taken to check symmetry and position before the actual tattooing begins.
  • How do you choose a color?
    We choose a color together by applying small amounts of different colored pigments to the skin near to your brows and selecting the best match for your skin tone, hair color, features and personal preference.
  • Is it painful?
    No, it's not. Our artists use professional and safe numbing solutions throughout the procedure for your most comfortable experience.
  • Are you the best place near me ?
    We are conveniently located in the heart of Alexandria, inside I-495 (also called the Capital Beltway). Easily accessible by the Metrorail service. Metro stops which are close to us are King Street station, which gives easy access to Old Town, Eisenhower Avenue station, located just off I-495 and near the Eisenhower East area. FYI , for our clients from different parts of the world. Alexandria VA borders the Reagan-Washington National Airport, located right off the George Washington Parkway/U.S. Route 1 There is a bus stop conveniently located in front of our door (DASH bus) DASH also operates the free King Street Trolley which leaves you at City Hall/Market Square which is within 5 min walking distance from us as well. Driving distance from DC • MD • VA ~ 15-20 min from Washington DC, The Wharf ~ 25 min from Georgetown , Washington DC area ~ 30 min from North Bethesda, Chevy Chase MD ~ 25-30 min from Rockville MD ~ 15-20 min from Springfield, West Springfield , Burke ~ 25 min from Tysons Corner, Vienna ~ 20 min from Annandale , Fairfax , Vienna ~ 25 min from Arlington VA, Clarendon ~ 25 min from Mclean, VA

" Got questions? We're here to help guide you to perfect Brows and Eye Lashes ! Our expert team is here to help "

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