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Invest in your Future
#1 Lip Blushing training


Proven Results


  • Skip years of trial and error : learn from the Best Expert Instructors through our In-Person, Hands-on course.

  •  Master PMU skills like a pro: Backed by thousands of hours and procedures, become a licensed permanent makeup artist in Virginia.

  • 100% in-person : 100% hands-on beauty school. Our Research has proven that online is not the best for value or results. Thats why our programs are 100% live for your success!

  • Benefit from our Quality Approach  : With small class sizes, ensuring personalized attention and thorough topic coverage.

Class Dates:

June 5 & 7

From: 9:30am to 5:30pm.
 *Limited spots available

(1 day for at home practice in between to get ready for your model practice)

2 Day Lip Blushing Master Class
2-day Best Lip Blushing Master Class

How to Become a Certified Lip Blushing Artist?



  • Professional Kit you can use on your clients Included

  • ​​My secret lip mapping techniques for perfect symmetry

  • Color Theory

  • OUR PROVEN 3 point technique for best results

  • Live Demos by our Master Artist Licensed Instructor, Jiba

  • Learn the science & Art of PMU: How to apply the right pressure & technique for maximum pigment retention & best results. This will help you understand so you don’t go too deep or too shallow. 


  • Our very own in-house developed PMU Manual, workbook 

  • Guidance on building a professional PMU portfolio

Will I get a chance to actually practice PMU and learn on live models ?


  • YES! with direct supervision from our Licensed Instructor & Internationally Certified Expert Artist & trainer Jiba​

  • You will have many chances to ask questions and learn the sequence of a successful PMU procedure 


Where is the PMU Beauty School training located and do you have parking?

  • Location : 5305 Langston Blvd, Arlington VA 22207

  • We have Unlimited Private Parking in rear 


Do you have payment plans or flexible payment plans for your PMU Licensure course classes?

  • yes we do! we work with multiple financial institutions to offer you the most convenient programs so you can focus on studying 

  • Please contact us for details so we can match you with the best fit for your financial needs 

What is the average class size at DMV Beauty & Academy?


  • Class sizes can vary depending on the course taught. A minimum of 3 students is required for a course to commence.


  • If the class minimum is not met at least 1 weeks prior to your class start date, you may be required to transfer your enrollment to a future course date that has met the minimum requirement.

Click below to see: Proven student work results & their reviews​​

DMV Beauty & Academy
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"Flexible payment options available! "


We have students that enroll and successfully complete our programs from all over the United States & The world:


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