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Getting your VA Permanent Makeup License VS Getting Certified
Info you must know before investing your time & money 

What is (PMU) permanent makeup Certification?

  • Permanent makeup certification involves completing an in-person course, where participants receive certification from the instructor upon completion.

  • These certifications, also referred to as "master classes," are typically offered as single or multiple day classes, focusing on specific PMU techniques such as brows, lips, eyeliner, and microblading.

  • The duration of certification courses can vary, typically ranging from 1 to 4 days. However, due to the limited timeframe and content covered, individuals who are beginners may not derive the maximum value from these courses.

  • It is important to note that these courses are designed for more advanced artists, as a few days are insufficient for comprehensive skill development and hands-on practice.​


  • In order to legally practice as a permanent makeup artist in Virginia, it is crucial to obtain a PMU license. Fortunately, we offer a PMU licensure course that includes a master class, all for one price.

  • Attempting to absorb and effectively apply all the necessary information within such a short timeframe is unrealistic. However, our comprehensive 6-week | 90-hour PMU licensure course provides ample time for skill development, hands-on practice with live models, and thorough preparation for the licensing exam.

  • It's also important to consider that different states are implementing new regulations and bills regarding PMU licensure. By obtaining your license in Virginia, you can facilitate the process of transferring your license to another state in the future, rather than starting from scratch.

  • Take advantage of the current 90-hour PMU licensing requirement in Virginia and secure your license now. There is a possibility that the DPOR may increase the requirement to 200 hours, as there is a pending bill for such a change.

What is a Permanent makeup License?

  • When you get a permanent makeup license you become a board approve permanent makeup artist in the state of VA. The license permits you to legally work and perform PMU procedures

Can I get both Licensed & Certified to maximize my time and money investment?

  • It is important to understand the distinction between certification and licensure in the field of permanent makeup.


  • While certification demonstrates proficiency in specific techniques, licensure is a legal requirement in many states, including Virginia.


  • It is recommended to verify the specific licensing regulations applicable to your location through reliable sources, such as conducting a Google search or referring to the relevant state authorities.

  • We are proud to offer a unique opportunity that combines both licensing and certification in one comprehensive course. With our program, you can acquire the necessary licensure to practice permanent makeup, as well as receive certification

  • When choosing a licensing school, it is crucial to ensure that both the school and its instructors hold the appropriate licenses to teach permanent makeup.


  • We are proud to inform you that our beauty school is approved by the Virginia Board and the DPOR (Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation), guaranteeing that our curriculum meets the highest standards and legal requirements.

  • By enrolling in our program, you can be confident that you are receiving the utmost value, quality, and content available.

Can I do PMU, Permanent Makeup on clients legally in Virginia with just a certification?


The answer is NO : To legally practice as a cosmetic tattoo artist in VA, it is mandatory to obtain your VA Permanent Cosmetic Tattooing License. This license not only enables you to showcase your professionalism and credibility, but it is also a legal requirement to operate in the state of Virginia . Therefore, obtaining your license is crucial for career advancement and to avoid any potential legal penalties.

After you get your VA Permanent Cosmetic Tattooing License, If you're looking to enhance your skills even more and become a Master in various tattooing styles, consider enrolling in our Advanced master course to elevate your craft even more and position yourself as a top-tier Master artist in the PMU industry.


Our Advanced program offers advanced training in various tattooing styles and techniques, designed to take your career to the max! thus you can earn more with your advanced skills.

Do I need to have a license to do Microblading?

we get phone calls all the time asking about this 


  • Microblading, also known as eyebrow embroidery, requires a tattooing or permanent cosmetic tattooing license in VA .

  • This certification ensures the practitioner's expertise, adherence to safety standards, and ability to create natural-looking and well-defined eyebrows.

  • By obtaining this license, you demonstrate professionalism, attract clients, and elevate your career in the competitive field of microblading.

What are the requirements to register with your school?

  •  Due to the popularity of this business, spots are limited, so we encourage you to act swiftly.

  • By clicking on the "Reserve Your Spot" button, you can submit the required $500 reservation fee, guaranteeing your enrollment in our course. Once the payment is received, we will promptly reserve your spot and provide you with further details and information.

  • Don't miss this opportunity to enter the thriving field of Permanent Makeup, which is currently in high demand. Take the first step towards your successful career by reserving your seat today.

How to be a successful PMU | Microblading | Permanent Makeup artist?

  • Enroll in our Permanent Makeup License + Master Class Course, the most comprehensive and complete PMU course available.


  • We are committed to providing unlimited support to our students before and after the program.

  • Avoid the inconvenience and expense of paying for multiple programs that will not lead to licensure.


  • By choosing our course, you will learn the right techniques and practices from the very beginning.

  • Our Instagram and work portfolio speak volumes about our expertise and excellence. Explore our platform to witness the remarkable work of our expert trainer and licensed instructor, Jiba.

  • As leaders in PMU education and services, we take pride in our reputation. With two successful locations near DC, MD, and VA, we have established ourselves as the best in the industry.​​

  • By enrolling in our program, you will learn from expert trainers who will demonstrate their techniques on regular clients, providing you with invaluable insights and building your confidence. Investing your time and money in learning from an expert will greatly enhance your success as a PMU artist

How do I know what school or program is the best for me?

Ask yourself:

  • Does the teacher, instructor do it as a business?

​How can they teach you about being a successful Permanent Makeup artist if they dont even have clients or have knowledge how to run a business

  • Does the instructor have a work portfolio?

  • Does her work portfolio consist of work on diffrent skin types, diffrent ethnicities

  • Will they provide live demos of diffrent techniques and how to do things for the best results

  • Will they be available and do they have the experience and knowledge to help you when you may have some questions?

  • and the most important question: Is the instructor, business owner living the life you want to live? Do they have a successful business team ?

"Do you research before choosing any school or investing in any educational program. Its your time and money and you want to learn from the best so when you are done with your program you can start strong with all the necessary skills and continue to grow and not waste your time second guessing how to make this a successful business"

Still have more questions?

  • Our Experts are here for you to answer any question you may have about tapping in to this billion dollar PMU industry

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