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Wonderful Reviews & Actual Student Work 
Melissa Greg

VA Permanent Makeup License + Master Class + Board Exam Prep

My experience at the DMV Beauty Academy was more than I expected! I had trouble in finding schools of permanent makeup, I did my research, took tours and was still hesitant in joining them. I felt that the education offered was not worth the time and money .


And I’m so happy I waited!! I found DMV Beauty Academy through a friend/coworker whom also wanted to join this school! I took a chance and invested in this academy, throughout my journey I felt that I grew as a artist, I learned so much information about permanent makeup that you wouldn’t get just by doing a certificate. Also the curriculum was very organized, and that the hands on training was so convenient.


With the amount of models we were able to perform on had me so excited to do more , also this was the start of building my portfolio. I doubt that you can find that anywhere else. I also loved how I was able to learn from my mistakes, I learned several techniques and I got a lot of of information! As a group I am so proud of how far we came.


I am so happy I had Agnes and Zhibek as instructors. I felt that my instructors were very genuine and purposeful in preparing us as future permanent makeup artists! Amazing.

CS Hair Studio (Chanel Stylist)

VA Permanent Makeup License + Master Class + Board Exam Prep

Wonderful learning experience! The instructors are very kind and knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend!

Guli B.

Advanced PMU Master Class 

PMU was a challenging industry for me until I met Jiba more than two years ago!

Jiba has guided my skills in a right direction and permanent make up became an entertaining and cheerful craft.

As soon as I learnt all about permanent makeup: powder brows, lip blushing and color theory I fell in love with it!

Jiba! My gratitude to you for all you have done, which I will never forget. I truly appreciate you and your time you spent helping me in many occasions!

I would highly recommend DMV Beauty &Academy school !!!

Jaclyn Cunningham

VA Permanent Makeup License + Master Class + Board Exam Prep

I attended the DMV Beauty & Academy and hands down it was the best decision I made!


Not only did I gain so much knowledge and history about PMU from our amazing instructor Agnes, but the hands on experience with our instructor PMU instructor Jiba, was the best.


Not only was she very patient with the class she instilled so much confidence in us and every step of the way she made sure we were doing everything right.


Her energy, spirit, outgoing personality and attitude made the experience even better. Jiba wants her students to leave her academy with confidence in knowing you can do this.


She can relate to all of us as she was once in our shoes. Please, if you’re looking to get your permanent makeup license this is your place to go. They’re the best!



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  • Supervised by our Master Artist, licensed instructor Jiba : Students are encouraged to ask questions, practice on real models and learn from the best

  • Students bypass years of trial and error: By learning from the most comprehensive permanent makeup licensure + certification program

  • Real Student Work: Our meticulously designed program is specifically tailored to equip students with the best skills and tools to excel & become a top-tier Permanent Makeup Artist

Lip Blushing 

Students First Time doing Lip Blushing

  • Greatest pleasure to see this type of work done by my student ​​

  • Aquarelle Lips that are not edited! Her very first lip work

  • All of them are equally as good but wanted to post this one as I love this color on her 

Screenshot at May 20 13-24-38.png
Screenshot at May 20 13-44-58.png
Powder Brows

Students First Time doing Powder Brows

  • Fantastic work by another student.


  • Spectacular powder brows on this beautiful model

Ombré Brows

Students First Time doing Ombré Brows

  • Spectacular brows on this beauty


  • Touch-up in 6-8 weeks 

Eyeliner micropigmentation

Students First Time doing Eyeliner

  • This model client had previous eyeliner done.

  • The results are wonderful, beautiful looking custom shape

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DMV Beauty & Academy
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