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PMU Students


  • Supervised by our Expert PMU Artist, licensed instructors Jiba & Agnes : Students are encouraged to ask questions, practice on real models and learn from the best

  • Students bypass years of trial and error: By learning from the most comprehensive permanent makeup licensure + certification program​

  • Real Student Work: Our meticulously designed program is specifically tailored to equip students with the best skills and tools to excel & become a top-tier Permanent Makeup Artist

  • Sustainability & Growth: All our students after completing our training start working on real clients immediately because we give them confidence like no other school can with our exceptional training.



  • 200 Hour Permanent Makeup Licensure Bootcamp + Certification + State of Virginia Permanent Cosmetic Tattooing Examination Prep + Professional Kit



  • Ombre Brows | Powder Brows | Microblading | Nano Brows | Lash Enhancement | Lip Blushing | Lash Lift | Brow Lamination Lash Extensions 


  • Esthetics, Esthetician program | Wax Tech program

Proven Results from the Best!
Amazing Student Reviews 
5 Stars | Top Rated | Best Reviews |Real Proven Results

I recently graduated from DMV Beauty & Academy and this was by far the best schooling I’ve ever attended.


Jiba and Agnes are so knowledgeable & talented, which made learning so much easier. They gave us encouragement and confidence to be the best we can be & I will carry those things with me when I’m working on my own.


I highly recommend attending this school if you’re looking into PMU. Extremely professional, organized, and lots of hands on training. I will definitely be taking a Master Class in the future!

Hayley Cunningham


This is the Best course and licensing program!


If you want to learn the best and right techniques from the best, run to take this course!


The instructors are very knowledgeable, patient, licensed and actually have clients too.


Agnes & Zhibek shared everything they know. Don't waste your money on other courses. This is the ONLY course to get your PMU license in the DMV!

Holly Marshall


I have to say the instant I got the ad for DMV Beauty Academy, I thought it was to good to be true.


But to my excitement, everything was truly above and beyond. From the patience of the instructors, to the knowledge and tools provided, to even the comradery of the students.


I am very happy to have came across this academy to learn about permanent makeup and would recommend it to those who are serious about getting into the business.

Heather Morales

Took this program with Jiba and Agnes and both are very knowledgeable professionals who are working in this industry as well as teaching all the new/current techniques to succeed.


They make sure you have enough information to succeed as well as hands-on practice.


I’m so confident in my work as a beginner now, if you’re interested in learning PMU, this is the best program in the area!

Nazy Bajlan

My experience at the DMV Beauty Academy was more than I expected! I had trouble in finding schools of permanent makeup, I did my research, took tours and was still hesitant in joining them. I felt that the education offered was not worth the time and money .


And I’m so happy I waited!! I found DMV Beauty Academy through a friend/coworker whom also wanted to join this school! I took a chance and invested in this academy, throughout my journey I felt that I grew as a artist, I learned so much information about permanent makeup that you wouldn’t get just by doing a certificate. Also the curriculum was very organized, and that the hands on training was so convenient.


With the amount of models we were able to perform on had me so excited to do more , also this was the start of building my portfolio. I doubt that you can find that anywhere else. I also loved how I was able to learn from my mistakes, I learned several techniques and I got a lot of of information! As a group I am so proud of how far we came.


I am so happy I had Agnes and Zhibek as instructors. I felt that my instructors were very genuine and purposeful in preparing us as future permanent makeup artists! Amazing.

Melissa Greg

Wonderful learning experience! The instructors are very kind and knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend!

CS Hair Studio (Chanel Stylist)

I attended the DMV Beauty & Academy and hands down it was the best decision I made!


Not only did I gain so much knowledge and history about PMU from our amazing instructor Agnes, but the hands on experience with our instructor PMU instructor Jiba, was the best.


Not only was she very patient with the class she instilled so much confidence in us and every step of the way she made sure we were doing everything right.


Her energy, spirit, outgoing personality and attitude made the experience even better. Jiba wants her students to leave her academy with confidence in knowing you can do this.


She can relate to all of us as she was once in our shoes. Please, if you’re looking to get your permanent makeup license this is your place to go. They’re the best!

Jaclyn Cunningham

First off I want to say thank you so much Jiba and Agnus. thank you from the bottom of my heart!


Your engaging and positive energy have made this experience for me so much easier as a newly permanent make up student. I'm grateful for all the knowledge I have learned from Jiba and Agnus. Everything I have been taught I will take with me everywhere. Your dedication, passion, and patience have made a significant impact on my learning journey.


You've not only imparted knowledge but also inspired me to reach for greater heights. Thank you for creating a supportive and nurturing environment in the classroom, where I felt encouraged to ask questions. Not only was the class so much fun but it felt like home all the time.


For somebody who has a busy schedule, you made it flexible for me on a weekend and that’s amazing 😍😍
I am fortunate to have had you two my instructors.
Even now you guys continue to support me such as helping me when needed. Thank you again.

Madyson Bascope

PMU was a challenging industry for me until I met Jiba more than two years ago!

Jiba has guided my skills in a right direction and permanent make up became an entertaining and cheerful craft.

As soon as I learnt all about permanent makeup: powder brows, lip blushing and color theory I fell in love with it!

Jiba! My gratitude to you for all you have done, which I will never forget. I truly appreciate you and your time you spent helping me in many occasions!

I would highly recommend DMV Beauty &Academy school !!!

Guli B.

Learning under Jiba and Agnes has been nothing short of amazing. They insure that each student feels comfortable and confident in both the classroom setting and in the practical (PMU) setting. Both instructors are welcoming, kind, and knowlegdable. Jiba and Agnes go beyond teaching and create long-lasting professional and personal relationships with each of their students. If you want to learn amazing technique, build relationships, and have an enjoyable educational journey—DMV Beauty & Academy is the place for you. You simply cannot ask for more talented, kind, and loving people.

Autumn Meade

Jiba and Agnes are excellent instructors.  I appreciate both support. Jiba was very patient and eager to help. Agnes very detailed and passionate about teaching. You won’t be disappointed. Lastly, they will still support you after the class. Thanks for teaching me!❤️😊

Danielle Styles

If you’re looking to start PMU classes DMV beauty & academy is the best place to start at!
Very grateful with jiba and Agnes they are truly admirable, and I am grateful for all the extra time and effort they put into helping us succeed.

Mari Ugarte

I decided to enroll at the DMV Beauty Academy to expand my business and improve my services menu within the PMU industry. The experience far surpassed my expectations. The instructors care that we succeed by teaching various techniques and apply what we are taught every day. I didn’t sit to watch videos or them work on clients….we did the work and built up our skills to work on live clients (with an “S”).  The instructors are professional, fun, and very supportive throughout our journey… definitely improved my confidence-well worth the investment!

Kurvy One

Jiba and Agnes provided such an amazing program for cosmetic tattooing. Aside from the curriculum and hands on training - they provided so many high quality items in our kit, resources, little tips and overall helpful information that I would have never known about. They care about their individual students so much, you can just feel it! Jiba used me as a model for a demonstration for another class and tattooed my brows, they came out so perfect and I'm beyond greatful for the opportunity. I was just overwhelmingly amazed with the whole experience and walked away with life long mentors that I feel I really got to know on a personal level. Their talent, knowledge and warm personalities were so much more than I could have ever imagined when I first signed up!!! Thank you both SO MUCH for all that you poured into me, I'm forever changed and appreciative.

Amanda Hedrick

DMV Beauty & Academy is the whole package when it comes to receiving your PMU training! Jiba & Agnes are positive, understanding, welcoming and very knowledgeable about the PMU world. I am so glad I chose this academy. They have made my training experience truly amazing and unforgettable. You will not regret signing up for your training here! Thanks Jiba & Agnes :)

Diamante Colon

I just graduated my PMU weekend class.
If you are looking for PMU school to really learn the theory and hands on training, I highly recommend this school. 🔥
I chose this school because I really wanted the full package. If you are looking for a place to just pay tuition and receive diploma , this is not your place.

Jiba and Agnes are amazing instructors with knowledge and PMU experience. They are really take care of their individual students. I also personally learned a lot their business mindset and  personality.
I hope to become as remarkable as they are when I eventually reach their career level.

Thank you so much Jiba and Agnes (+Melissa)


Normally when I’m in school, i can’t wait for it to be over. But taking a class at DMV Beauty Academy was the opposite. I never wanted class to end. I had so much fun with the instructors and everyone in my class. I was excited to be in class everyday and so excited to see what we were gonna learn that day.

I’m gonna miss this place and I’m already looking forward to coming back for another class in the future. The instructors were knowledgeable and personable. I feel like i really got to know them while actually learning everything i needed to know. This school is definitely worth the time and money.

CJ Cornell

Start your PMU with DMV Beauty! The instructors are so experienced and they will share their practical knowhow with their students. It is such a wonderful class ever!!!

Miyoun Im

I am very grateful to your school for knowledge, for attitude towards students, for kindness and understanding, for your patience! You treat everything very responsibly and worry about every student! I am very glad that I learned from you! we had a great team! you are the best teachers! I wish your school prosperity and grateful students! thank you very much for everything! you are the best ❤️

Karolina G

Highly recommend DMV Beauty & Academy! Im a licensed master esthetician and have taken plenty of certifications. This school has been my favorite one yet! I have been in the industry for quite some time and know other PMU artists and this school teaches you the most that you can ask for. It’s definitely worth the investment towards your career. The structure of the school along with Jiba & Agnes makes time fly by very quickly, which i appreciated! I appreciated the smaller classroom setting as well. You get more one on one time per instructor. You can literally ask about anything! And i mean anything! It’s so nice. You are also amongst other students with the same goals as you. It’s very refreshing. You leave the school confident enough for your State Boards and to take on your first client on your own. I’m super excited for all future students!!

Cindy Le

If you’re looking for a school to obtain your PMU licensing. DMV Beauty & Academy is the the best choice! The instructors Jiba and Anges are amazing , professional and talented artist. They go above and beyond to give you all the information and teach you all their knowledge and techniques to start off your career on the right path.
You both are fantastic at what you do. Words can not express how grateful I am for everything I learned. Thank you so much!

Maria Orellana

I recently had the pleasure of getting a lip blush permanent makeup service, and I couldn’t be happier with the results! The entire experience at DMV beauty academy was exceptional from start to finish.

Firstly, the technician was incredibly skilled and made sure to listen to my preferences and concerns before starting the procedure. They explained the process thoroughly, which helped ease any apprehensions I had.

During the procedure itself, I felt minimal discomfort, and the technician’s attention to detail was impressive. They took their time to ensure that the color and shape were perfect for my lips.

The healing process was also smooth, and I was provided with clear aftercare instructions that made it easy to maintain my new lip color.

Now, I wake up every morning with beautifully tinted lips, and I receive compliments from friends and family. The results are so natural, and I love the convenience of not needing to apply lipstick every day.

I highly recommend DMV beauty academy for their permanent makeup services and Jiba the instructor for her professionalism, skill. The final outcome exceeded my expectations. Thank you for giving me the confidence of having gorgeous lips 24/7!

Zahra boukhriss

I would like to share the amazing experience I had being a student of DMV Beauty Academy.
From the first moment I asked a question on their Instagram they took the best care of all of my doubts and helped me along my process for enrolling the program, not thinking what AN AMAZING experience was awaiting for me💕

I thank God because I met such valuable and amazing woman, and I loved the fact we supported each other along the way. We learned so much valuable information on this program, and no doubt I couldn’t pick better. Zhibek and Agnes are amazing teachers (+ also thank our assistant teacher for this group, Melissa.)

DMV Academy took care of every detail. From the details on the different areas, to the snack bar, to the classrooms. Everything looked organized and clean and we were taken care of very well. Thanks Zhibek for bringing up together this experience for girls who dream big like me! God bless you

Melianna Lorenzo

Finding a good school in the DMV area in the beauty industry is very difficult, so finding the DMV Beauty Academy was a blessing! This school was so professional, yet fun and welcoming at the same time. Zhibek, Agnes, and Melissa were amazing teachers who were so supportive, patient, encouraging, and knowledgeable. It’s very clear how much thought and effort is put into this school and providing the best education for aspiring PMU artists. If you’ve been debating on what PMU school to attend, you just found the best one!

Adria Janae

LOVED MY EXPERIENCE AT DMV BEAUTY & ACADEMY!! Just to begin I’m a very picky person to whom I select to learn a specific skill from… especially PMU. I’m filled with gratitude that I came across DMV Beauty & Academy.  Jiba & Agnes went ABOVE and BEYOND for each and everyone of us. They are excellent instructors with a lot of PMU knowledge & most importantly PMU EXPERIENCE!! The welcoming kit given to you for the class is NOTHING compared to any other school in the DMV! Trust me when I say it’s all worth it in the end! If you want to learn about PMU and feel CONFIDENT this is the place for you!! I will miss them as well as all the wonderful ladies I met at this institute!! I wish everyone great success!!!

Karla Geng

DMV Beauty & Academy is the place for those seeking a permanent makeup school in Virginia! I just finished the course and am so happy to choose this school. I had no prior knowledge about this industry. Still, two wonderful instructors made me feel comfortable and helped me understand everything I needed to know to become a superb PMU artist. The classroom was a small group setting, and the curriculum was well structured. They ensure you learn theory and do hands-on practice on live models. Again,  DMV Beauty &
Academy is an excellent school. Jiba and Agnes, I give all my respect for your professionalism and kindness. Thank you! You guys are my rock stars!

Asako Jasper

My daughter just completed the PMU class this week. I have never seen my daughter so excited about school! The teachers were amazing, supportive, and made learning fun. The learning environment was positive and motivating. I highly recommend attending DMV Beauty & Academy. They have provided my daughter with the skills and knowledge to be successful in the PMU industry.

Jennifer Annis

Jiba and Agnes created an amazing PMU learning experience that makes you confident performing the procedure from day one after the graduation. The program is well structured, and combines both practical and theoretical parts necessary to pass DPOR licensure requirements, as well as practice in real life. Overall, highly recommend it to everyone looking to get licensed in the field.


THANK YOU, Jiba and Agnes and Melissa!!
i had the pleasure of being able to attend the DMV 's #1 Permanent Makeup School, it was such a great experience! they were very helpful & patient. after attending a few other trainings, this one is by far the most caring, informative, and knowledgeable i've attended in the DMV.

Ayana Brooks

Where do I begin?? I've been in the medical/dental field for 35 years and had an overnight epiphany that I wanted to change my career to PMU artistry. I knew nothing about this industry!

I did however, do my due diligence in evaluating all the courses available to me along the East coast. EVERYTHING DMV Beauty Academy promised to deliver they not only delivered, but went above and beyond for each individual student.

This course is not for the faint of heart. It's intense, as it should be. The instructors, Zhibek and Agnes are amazing, and they demand quality because they want you to be the "BEST" so you will be successful and take pride in quality work!!! They truly care about the student and giving you the best products, tools, information, and skills, including individualized attention.

I do believe in my heart and soul, anyone interested in obtaining a career in PMU will benefit a thousand times over by having taken this comprehensive course!! You will be so ahead of the game!
I would rate 100 stars if I could!

JC Cliff

My experience learning with jiba, agnes, and melissa was nothing short of amazing. I attended the 90 hr state licensure program where they provided endless hands on support, guidance, and mentorship. The theory and practical curriculums were in-depth, covering a lot of information, but their styles of teaching made it easy to learn and comprehend. I feel fully prepared and confident to sit for the VA state board exam and begin taking clients. It was clear from the first day of class til the end that a lot of thought and work was put into this program with the genuine intent for us to succeed. Would definitely recommend

shaunice p.

I am graduated from DMV Beauty Academy. It was a great experience. I learnt a lot about PMU. Thanks to Jiba, Agnes & Melissa

Indira Cook

Click below for more student testimonials 

Below are wonderful examples of student work, all the work is performed for the FIRST TIME!

Lip Blushing 

Students First Time doing Lip Blushing

  • Greatest pleasure to see this type of work done by my student ​​

  • Aquarelle Lips that are not edited! Her very first lip work

  • All of them are equally as good but wanted to post this one as I love this color on her 

Screenshot at May 20 13-24-38.png
Screenshot at May 20 13-44-58.png
Powder Brows

Students First Time doing Powder Brows

  • Fantastic work by another student.


  • Spectacular powder brows on this beautiful model

Ombré Brows

Students First Time doing Ombré Brows

  • Spectacular brows on this beauty


  • Touch-up in 6-8 weeks 

Eyeliner micropigmentation

Students First Time doing Eyeliner

  • This model client had previous eyeliner done.

  • The results are wonderful, beautiful looking custom shape


Students First Time doing Microblading

  • This model client had no previous microblading done.

  • The results are outstanding, beautiful custom shape

  • Wonderful pigment color choice 

Combo Brows 

Students First Time doing Combo Brows

  • This model client had no previous microblading done.

  • The results are outstanding, beautiful custom shape

  • Wonderful pigment color choice 



Students 1st time doing Lip Blushing

Click below to see more student work 

"The remarkable work & exceptional results achieved by our students are a true testament to the excellence of our school"

" Learn from the best and earn more "

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