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Rated #1 Beauty Institute 
Become a Licensed Master permanent cosmetic tattooer

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  • For one price, get our : 200 HOUR Master Permanent Makeup Licensure + Certification + VA Board Exam Prep + Extended Professional Kit you can use on your clients (Included, valued at $1,000+)


  • Hands-on Training : Practice on models & learn to work like a pro

  • Bypass years of trial and error: Learn from the very Best Expert Instructors

  • **Taught by Pro artist & educators: How to choose the right training institute & Instructor ⁉️ Look at their instagram, website. Do they have flow of real clients, ask them for their work portfolio, Look up their business page on google see client reviews...‼️

  • "its your time & money: you should learn from the best successful professionals that actually have a services business as well"

  • Quality Approach : Ideal class sizes allows our multiple instructors to spend time with every student & answer any questions. We are happy to revisit topics as required


* Classes fill up quickly, so while there may be availability when we discuss schedules, please note that others might register, potentially filling the session before your decision.


Schedule Availability:



​WEEKDAY, CLASSES: Monday & Tuesday: From: 9:30am to 6:30pm

Starts: April 22, 2024



We are a Virginia licensed & accredited Master Permanent Cosmetic Tattooing Institute

Everything you need to know to get your

"Master" Cosmetic tattooer license 

Medical tattooing, also known as paramedical tattooing is used to address various cosmetic and medical concerns. It can help camouflage scars, vitiligo, surgical incisions, and other skin imperfections.


  • Hands-on program that covers a wide range of the hottest & most popular Master PMU techniques, in this course you will learn:

200 Hours | Flexible schedule



Paramedical tattoo training | Stretch Mark & Scar Camouflage Tattoo Training & More 

  • Areola & 3D nipple tattooing

  • scar camouflage

  • Lip restoration

  • Eyeshadow

  • cheek blush


  • Stretch mark camouflage

  • Female & male SMP

  • (Scalp Micropigmentation)​


  • Professional Kit you can use on your clients ( Included, valued at $1,000+)

  • Color Theory

  • Lifetime support via Telegram Group

  • Social media and marketing guidance

  • Live Demos by our Expert Artists 

  • Payment Plans & Financing available

  • zoom virtual classes available




  • The best State of Virginia Master Permanent Cosmetic Tattooing Examinations Prep: with lots of practice exam questions to get you ready for the real exam 

  • In-house  PMU Manual Workbook & study material you will not find anywhere else not even on Quizlet


  • PMU vendors supply list with links

  • Client consent forms and waivers you can use with your actual clients 


  • Student members' exclusive discounts on extra courses

  • Students only access to our own in-house PMU supply store where you can buy the best supplies

  • For the convenience of our students: We have a complimentary snacks, drinks and Nespresso coffee bar at our school


What are the requirements necessary to become a Master Permanent Makeup Licensed artist per DPOR?


  • To obtain a Master Permanent Makeup License you would need to acquire a (Basic-tier) Permanent Cosmetic Tattooer license first. 

  • There is no set duration to hold a current PCT- Permanent Cosmetic Tattooer license to get the Master Permanent Makeup License.


What makes your PMU classes the best possible training?


  • You will learn from experts that do this as a successful business

Follow Us on Instagram @dmv_beauty_clinic to see  outstanding Work

Our team is always taking different advanced courses, in different languages and constantly updating their skills to pass on this golden information to our students

Learning from us will help you save tons of time & money : 

With years of experience and training hundreds of students our Instructor, Agnes will prepare you for the theory Examination. We personally developed & perfected our material throughout the years. 

that includes but is not limited to :

  • Numerous practice exams, diagrams, presentations that get you ready for the real board exam

  • Numerous Color handouts that prepare and inform you on the best practices, sanitation, anatomy, healing time, practice, brow mapping, etc 


  • We always continue to improve our study material so you can successfully pass the  " State of Virginia Permanent Cosmetic Tattooing Examinations "

How do I know what tools & supplies are the best for a Master permanent makeup artist ? 

  • Included in the course at no extra cost , valued at $1,000+ is Our Professional Kit . Developed by our Internationally Certified Expert artist & Licensed Instructors

  • Our Pro kit is not a starter kit or beginner's kit at all. It a professional kit that you can use on your real clients.


  • Our course comes with a Vendor list and links of the actual products our master artist and licensed instructor uses on her clients everyday. We've done the research and hand-picked only the top-performing options, so you can save both time and money


Will I get a chance to actually practice PMU, paramedical tattooing and learn on live models ?


  • YES! with direct supervision from our Licensed Master Instructor & Internationally Certified Master Artist & trainer Jiba​

  • Our Master Permanent Cosmetics Tattoo Licensure program is designed to provide you with extensive practical training, ensuring you feel confident when working with real clients. 

  • You will have many chances to ask questions and learn the sequence of a successful PMU procedure 


What if I need some help, support or have any questions when working on clients ?

  • For our students, and as part of this course you will receive Lifetime support throughout the training and after completion​​​​​​


How to connect with PMU clients and continue growing, promoting my career & business, brand ?

We offer a comprehensive course that covers all aspects of Permanent Cosmetic Tattooing including, but not limited to : 

  • proven client-getting strategies

  • marketing

  • Industry resources that will help you build a successful career 

  • The Technology we use to market out work 

Can I work as a Master Permanent Makeup artist & perform procedures on clients legally in Virginia with just a certification ?


The answer is NO : To legally practice as a Master cosmetic tattoo artist in VA, it is mandatory to obtain your VA Master Permanent Cosmetic Tattooing License.

How long is the VA Master PMU Licensure course?

  • 200 hours total 

  • 100 hours Theory taught by VA licensed Expert Instructor & Artist "Agnes"

  • 100 hours Practical taught by Internationally certified Master PMU Artist & Master VA licensed instructor "Jiba"

What are the class dates for the Master permanent makeup program?


​WEEKDAY, CLASSES: Monday & Tuesday: From: 9:30am to 6:30pm

Starts: April 22, 2024


Where is your training institute located and do you have parking?

  • Location : 5305 Langston Blvd, Arlington VA 22207

  • We have Unlimited Private Parking in rear 


Do I need any experience to take this Master Permanent makeup licensure training ?


  • We will teach you everything you need to know from A to Z

Benefits of live hands-on training ?

  • Our Live in person program gives you the opportunity to interact with expert PMU trainers and learn efficiently and have your questions answered. Thus insuring the best educational experience​

  • Proven research shows that in-class training is the best for learning due to interacting and asking questions...In person training is the way to go for your time & money investment 

How much is tuition to get licensed & certified as a Permanent Makeup Artist in Virginia?

  • Please contact for pricing

Do you have payment plans or financing?

  • we have both for your convince


  • We work with multiple financial institutions to offer you the most convenient programs so you can focus on studying 

  • We also have payment plans for your convinience

  • Please contact us for details so we can match you with the best fit for your financial needs 

Will you have future dates for beauty training courses  ?

  • Yes, typically spots are filled up quickly due to the nature of the business and high demand for quality Master PMU-paramedical tattoo education

Is DMV Beauty & Academy VA State Board approved?


  • DMV Beauty & Academy is State Board recognized and approved as an educational facility where students can obtain their "Master Permanent Cosmetic Tattooer license" through the Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation (DPOR)

Who regulates Master PMU- Permanent Makeup, paramedical tattooing in the Commonwealth of VA?


The Virginia Board for Barbers and Cosmetology (the “Board”) is responsible for licensing and regulating the profession of Master permanent cosmetic tattooing in the State of Virginia


Additional course requirements prior to starting class?

 (please contact us for authorized vendors per DPOR guidelines) 

  • Blood borne Pathogens and CPR/First Aid certifications at your own expense.


  • These certifications must be obtained from a list of approved vendors by DPOR. 


  • Once you enroll , we will provide you with all the necessary info and vendor list.

When can I take the state board, Master Permanent Cosmetic Tattooing license exam ?


  • Upon graduation of your course, DMV Beauty & Academy will submit your completed hours to DPOR.


  • Afterwards you will create an account with the examination company, (currently PSI), and they will direct you on what is needed to take the licensure exam.


  • The examination fee is currently $..., which is non-refundable and non-transferable and is valid for 1 year after date of payment. "This fee must be paid at the student’s expense"​

What is the average class size at DMV Beauty & Academy?


  • Class sizes can vary depending on the course taught. A minimum of 6 students is required for a course to commence.


  • If the class minimum is not met at least 1 weeks prior to your class start date, you may be required to transfer your enrollment to a future course date that has met the minimum requirement.

Does DMV Beauty & Academy offer tours of the facility?

  • Potential students are more than welcome to schedule a tour with us


  •  Please text us here or at 571-565-1467 for more information & to schedule and appointment to see us

  • Classes fill up quickly, so while there may be availability when we discuss schedules, please note that others might register, potentially filling the session before your decision.

Keep in mind there are new Permanent Cosmetic Tattoo Curriculum Requirements in the state of Virginia:

New Master Permanent Cosmetic Tattoo Regulations

  • 200 Hours of Training 

  • Effective 9/1/23

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DMV Beauty & Academy
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"Flexible payment options available! "


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Meet your Amazing Instructors:

Financial options so you can focus on studying and getting licensed:

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We have students that enroll and successfully complete our programs from all over the world:

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