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Very Best 1 on 1 (PMU) Permanent Makeup Coaching



  • Bypass years of trail and error: Learning with our live-hands on coaching

  • More than just teaching from a book: The Permanent Makeup Skills we teach you are a product of thousands of hours and money spent in perfecting our business and skills. We are the only (PMU) permanent makeup school that actually has real clients and an extensive work portfolio

  • 100% Best Value: Most of the students who study at another school or get just a certification... immediately realize they are not confident to work on real clients. Learn from experts with real clients and start making real money

  • Very customized coaching: Our approach is designed to target your weak points and help you understand what you are doing wrong so you can fix it and work like a real PMU 



  • Unlimited Support: Ask all the questions you have... we will guide you on the logistics of pressure, technique so you work can be one of the best 

  • Best PMU supplies and tools: We provide you with a vendor list and links of what our master artist uses successfully on real clients​​​


  • Instructor with Amazing work portfolio: Check out our extensive amazing work portfolio

The more you learn the more you earn!
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1:1 (PMU) Permanent Makeup Coaching 

A Few Questions For You:

  • Is your Retention not good, clients complaining procedure does not stay?

  • Maybe you dont understand needle choice for best results?

  • Which tattoo machine is best, short stroke or long stroke and for what procedures are they each best?

  • How is your stretch technique, do you know what 3 point technique is?


  •  What is the ideal machine speed for diffrent procedures?


  • Do you know what is color theory and how to apply it to your benefit?


  • Do you understand what are organic pigments?

  • What is the best numbing creams and how to apply them for best results?

  • Are clients asking you for other permanent makeup procedures besides microblading?

  • Are you loosing your outline when doing brows or lips? we teach a special technique so you don't loose your shape & save time when working on clients

  • Have you taken Phibrows courses by Phiacademy and need to learn more than just microblading?​

  • Do you need to have hands-on experience only achieved by working on models and asking all the questions you have until you are 100% confident to work by yourself?

  • Are your clients coming to you asking for brow, lip color correction?

  • Are the brows you are making turning grey or blue?

  • When you make brows, lips or eyeliner is the shape off, not symmetrical?

  • Maybe your clients are not coming back because the work does not stay?

  • Maybe you took a master class somewhere else and they didn't tell you, you need a Permanent makeup license to do permanent cosmetic tattoos in the state of Virginia?

  • Did you study at another PMU school that didn't teach you well, are you lost?

  • Maybe your instructor didn't even have real clients or a work portfolio?

no problem, we are here for you. Permanent makeup should not be too difficult if you learn from a REAL experts. However its an art and science.. so its imperative you learn from the best.


Time is money... you dont want to waste your time guessing and trying to practice on clients... and years go by and you made zero to minor progress. The sooner you learn to work like a real professional the sooner you can make real money and grow your buisiness

Our program is specifically designed to elevate your skills and optimize your time, ensuring that you learn everything you need to know to increase your earning potential.

Permanent makeup artist private classes with amazing training so you can learn to work like a pro

  • 1:1 training fully customized to your needs


  • are you licensed already and lost and dont know how to work?

  • Click below for more info on courses designed to help you

What techniques can you teach me?

  • anything you need to master 

  • cosmetic tattoo training

  • paramedical tattoo training

Here is a small list of training we can customize depending on what you need to learn



  • ​Powder Brows

  • Ombre Brows

  • Combo Brows

  • Microblading

  • Nano brows AKA Cashmere Brows which are Machine Hair Strokes


  • My Secret Brow Mapping technique for perfect symmetry



  • Eye lash Enhancement | Eyeliner tattoo



  • Lip Blushing

  • Lip mapping techniques


  • Scalp micropigmentation (SMP)


  • Areola & 3D nipple tattooing

  • scar camouflage

  • Lip restoration

  • Eyeshadow

  • cheek blush


  • Stretch mark camouflage

  • Female & male SMP

  • (Scalp Micropigmentation)​

What is the school tuition?

  • please contact us for price 

What are the training dates?

  • dates are fully customized to agreed time

Lip Blushing coaching

Our program is specifically designed to elevate your skills and optimize your time, 

  • Learn the best technique for the best results

  • Learn how to make lips standout and correct dark lips 

Comes with:

  • Full professional kit and machine

  • Certificate of completion

  • Unlimited ongoing support

  • List of the best tools and supplies for max results 

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Ombré & Powder Brows coaching
  • Learn how to make perfect ombre or powder brows​

  • Learn brow mapping and our special technique so you don't loose the shape for the most precise brows possible​​​

Who will teach me?

You will learn from the very best in PMU business

Your Instructor: Internationally Certified, Licensed Master PMU Artist Jiba 


  • VA DPOR Board Approved, Licensed Master Instructor 

  • Click below to see our amazing work portfolio

  • Our extensive professional work and online presence can be found on our Instagram, click below to see amazing work portfolio of real clients

If you have anymore questions, please feel free to contact us at (571)-565-1467 via call or text. You can also message us here on the "lets Chat" button below 



"Have questions about our courses or need help getting started? We're here to help guide you to success! Our expert team is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and answering any questions you may have

We have students that enroll and successfully complete our programs from all over the United States & The world:


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