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Experience the most Complete Exam prep with our "Proven" training


  • Beyond just teaching from a book: We have developed the very best PMU study guide, you cant find it anywhere else, not even on Quizlet​​ or Goolgle.

  • Exclusive: Our Board exam prep is included in our courses, we do not sell this separately.

  • Only program you need: Dont waste your time or money on other programs where you will delay your success. Most of our students pass the board exam with high scores on the first try!

  • Best Value For Your Money: Instead of racking up testing fees by attempting your state board exam over and over again, pay once for our Comprehensive program and pass your exam and start working on clients with the best hands-on practical knowledge 

Our Exclusive digital learning platform benefits...

  • State of the art learning platform: 24/7 access for anywhere, anytime learning. Zoom virtual & in-person class​

  • Works on whatever devices you use: Tablet, phone, laptop etc.

  • Latest educational content including dozens of video procedures

  • Accommodates all learning styles.


  • Makes learning fun and efficient. Offers helpful built-in features.

  • Better prepares you to take your state licensing exam.

  • Includes 2 year online access to our E-learning platform

  • Accredited School: We are a Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation (DPOR) approved Institution. State board approved for Blended Online + School Classroom Programs

State board exam prep high passing success rate

" The results our students achieve speaks for itself"

  • we prepare our students so they can pass the state board exam on the first visit

  • We have in-house exam prep material we give to our students that you can not find anywhere else, not even on Quizlet or google

  • Our 5 point system effectively prepares students since day one so they can have a high success rate 

  • Students have 24/7 access to our e-learning platform so they can revisit topics as they wish

  • Access to our e-learning platform from whatever devices you use: Tablet, phone, laptop etc.

  • We are constantly updating our resources for your success

We have expert exam prep included in our courses at no additional cost to our students for :

  • VA Permanent Cosmetic Tattooing License

  • "Master" Permanent Cosmetic Tattooer License.

  • Wax Tech License 

  • Esthetician License (coming soon)

  • Master Esthetician License (coming soon)

state board exam prep high passing success rate
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#1 (PMU) Permanent Makeup School

" The results our students achieve speaks for itself"

  • Exclusive: We developed our own Board exam prep for PMU license, its not available anywhere else and exclusive to our course.


  • Our Expert Instructor Agnes will prepare you for the Theory part with the very best Exam prep for : the Virginia state board examination for Permanent Makeup Cosmetic Tattooer License.

  • Our Internationally certified, Expert Licensed Instructor Jiba will provide the very best in practical hands-on training so you get the most complete knowledge of how to successfully work on clients

A Few Questions For You:

  • Are you a bad test taker?

  • Are you worried about passing your PMU State Board Exam?

  • Are you ready to finally pass your exam and begin your exciting career?

  • Do you want proven results ?

  • If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, continue reading to learn more about our comprehensive study program

We have designed and developed in house the very best (PCT) Permanent cosmetic tattooer exam prep available with :

You will not find this study guide anywhere online or in print, ex: Quizlet because no body makes it, we have developed it and continue to perfect it so our students have access to the very best PMU training!

  • Powerful Practice Tests through the course: with essential questions, to get you ready for the real exam

  • Essential Vocabulary prep, diagrams, color handouts, etc

  • Our very own, in house full color theory work book comes with our PMU Licensure course 

  • We are always constantly updating our program for your success 

  • The VA DPOR, PCT board exam  will test your individual knowledge of permanent makeup, as well as understanding of Virginia state laws and regulations related to the practice of permanent makeup.​

Where will I take my board exam to get licensed as a permanent makeup artist?

  • In order to receive a Permanent Cosmetic Tattooing license in the Commonwealth of Virginia, you must pass a NIC Theory examination at PSI testing centers within one year of the date of your first examination


Are there PSI test center locations near me?

  • Yes, they are conveniently located through all the states. Google for closest location 


Here are some multiple-choice sample questions to help you study for the Virginia permanent cosmetic tattooing license exam:

1. Color Theory and Pigments:
   What primary color is often added to a pigment to correct blue undertones in the skin?
   A) Red
   B) Yellow
   C) Green
   D) Orange

2. Sanitation and Safety:
   Which of the following is a recommended method for sterilizing metal tools in permanent cosmetic tattooing?
   A) Boiling water
   B) Alcohol wipes
   C) Autoclave
   D) Dish soap and water

3. Anatomy and Physiology:
   In permanent makeup procedures, which skin layer is the target for pigment implantation?
   A) Epidermis
   B) Dermis
   C) Hypodermis
   D) Basal layer

4. Client Consultation and Aftercare:
   What should be avoided in the week following a permanent makeup procedure to ensure proper healing?
   A) Gentle cleansing with mild soap
   B) Application of antibiotic ointment
   C) Excessive sun exposure and swimming
   D) Using fragrance-free moisturizer

5. Techniques and Tools:
   Which technique involves creating fine, hair-like strokes using a manual tool with microblades?
   A) Micropigmentation
   B) Powder brow technique
   C) Microblading
   D) Ombre brows

1. C) Green
2. C) Autoclave
3. B) Dermis
4. C) Excessive sun exposure and swimming
5. C) Microblading

"Amazing student work | Proven Results"

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Classmates in the Library

I recently graduated from DMV Beauty & Academy and this was by far the best schooling I’ve ever attended.


Jiba and Agnes are so knowledgeable & talented, which made learning so much easier. They gave us encouragement and confidence to be the best we can be & I will carry those things with me when I’m working on my own.


I highly recommend attending this school if you’re looking into PMU. Extremely professional, organized, and lots of hands on training. I will definitely be taking a Master Class in the future!

Hayley Cunningham

DMV Beauty & Academy
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