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#1 Microblading classes near me

Don't Know Where to Start? Luckily you landed on this page, read below to get started

Become A Certified & Licensed successful Microblading Artist

Skip years of trial and error : learn from the Best Expert Instructors through our In-Person, Hands-on course.


  •  Master PMU skills like a pro: Backed by thousands of hours and procedures, become a licensed permanent makeup artist in Virginia, learn from the best


  • ***Pro artist & educators: How to choose the right school & Instructor ⁉️ Look at their instagram, website. Do they have flow of real clients, ask them for their portfolio of work, Look up their business page on google see client reviews...‼️

🎓 Course Highlights & Topics Covered:

- Skin structure & depth

- How to choose pigment

- Color theory

- Hand positioning, and stretch

-Shaping and mapping

- Live model demp by our Master instructors

- Q & A and much more.....

Can I do PMU, Permanent Makeup/microblading on clients legally in Virginia with just a certification?


  • The answer is NO : To legally practice as a cosmetic tattoo artist in VA, it is mandatory to obtain your VA Permanent Cosmetic Tattooing License. This license not only enables you to showcase your professionalism and credibility, but it is also a legal requirement to operate in the state of Virginia . Therefore, obtaining your license is crucial for career advancement and to avoid any potential legal penalties.

  • Enroll in our Permanent Makeup License + Master Class Course, the most comprehensive and complete PMU course available. That way you can get certified and licensed all in one + learn more techniques

  • Keep in mind the more techniques you learn the more you have to offer to clients, you dont want to turn away clients that are willing and able to pay

📧 For inquiries, contact us at

or text 571-565-1467

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