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How to become a complete PMU artist

Mastering the art of permanent makeup requires dedication to mastering a variety of techniques.

Simply focusing on microblading may limit your market potential and earning power.

The most sought-after techniques today include:



ombré brows

powder brows (ombré and powder brows are not the same)

nano brows

combo brows


lip blushing

color correction


Lash line enhancement

Lash liner with shadow

Are you looking for the #1 Permanent Makeup School in Virginia? You are in the right place!

By choosing our training program, you ensure your instructors are experienced in these techniques and committed to supporting your journey.

The main thing is you will get certified and learn all these popular techniques + get your cosmetic tattooer license

we are the best option if you want 100% hands-on practice for the best permanent makeup school near me

Join our 200-hour PMU boot camp to gain the skills and license you need for success

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