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Best Permanent Makeup Supplies | DC | MD | VA
Put your mind at ease

we did all the research to find the best premium PMU supplies 

  • Convenience: All our students have access to our in-house PMU supply store where they can purchase all the equipment they need

  • Professional Selection: We stock all the proven supplies that our master artist, instructors use everyday to produce the most amazing results 

  • Tested: All the supplies we stock come in our Pro Kit that is included in our Permanent Makeup Licensure program. Our students get only the best professional supplies they can use on real clients.  

  • For our (PMU) permanent makeup students: We have a vast amount of diffrent supplies you can use to perfect your skills:


  • Practice: Fake Practice Skin for Eyebrows Practice | Mannequin Head from brows, lips practice | 3D Lips, Silicone skin for Practice 

  • Measurement Supplies: Eyebrow Ruler | Brow Mapping String | Eyebrow Mapping Pencils | Eyebrow Ruler | Brow Mapping String


  • Cartridges & Microblading tools : Tattoo Cartridge Needles  | Tattoo guns | Microblading Pens, holders | Disposable Microblading Needles

  • Pigments: Lip Blushing Pigmens | Brow Pigments | Lash Line, eyeliner tattoo pigments

  • Misc: Disposable Tattoo Ink Cups | Numbing Cream: Keep your clients comfortable during a PMU procedure | Disposable Transparent Eyebrow Tattoo Plastic Wrap ​| Procedure Halo light 

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Meet your Amazing Instructors:

Did you study at another PMU school or take a master class that left you even more lost?

Requirements for Permanent Makeup License in Virginia

We have done all the research and testing so you can have the best supplies for PMU

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